JIRA: Default Value for Description Field

Unfortunately, JIRA doesn’t allow to set a default value for system fields including the description field. However, the description field is usually used as the main input field for the differeent issue types. On issue creation users would like the field to be populated with some headings so that newly created issues follow a certain scheme. Providing a template in the description field can further assure that all information is given without the need of more custom fields for each and every aspect.

Atlassian doesn’t seem the need to implement default values for system fields. There is a feature request from 2004(!) with more than 1,300 votes and over 200 comments. I’m sure they have there reasons.

We have tried a workaround with Script Runner behaviors first. But the solution had the effect that on issue creation a filled description field was overwritten when the user hit the button and a required field was not filled.

So, what you need to do is to modify the Velocity file

The following code demonstrates how to set the descriptions field for different issue types.

You need to restart the JIRA service after your modifications.


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