Bucherscheinung: Prozesse verbessern mit CMMI-SVC

Im Juni erscheint unser gemeinsames Buch „Prozesse verbessern mit CMMI-SVC – Ein Praxisleitfaden mit Fallstudien“ im dpunkt Verlag. Bestellen Sie schon hier vor!

Im Folgenden ein Auszug aus dem Vorwort, geschrieben von einer der Autorinnen des CMMI-SVC – Eileen Forrester:

„Dear Readers, I am delighted to see this new book on the CMMI for Services.  The authors, Christian Hertneck and Ralf Kneuper, are excellent guides in this field and long-time collaborators with me and the SEI as we build CMMI models and associated products. …

Each author has vast practical experience with process improvement in the real world and they have been among the earliest and therefore most experienced users of the CMMI for Services. … This book gives you a comprehensive introduction to

  • The service domain and its issues
  • The structure of CMMI-SVC
  • Details for the service typical best practices
  • A guide to systematic process improvement and to address its pitfalls
  • Real life examples ranging from product maintenance services over IT services to service in the health and public sector.

… The authors guide you with practical examples and their years of experience. They discuss the applicability of the model in a range of service domains, demonstrating their understanding of the intention and flexibility of the model. Among the cases, I am confident you will find examples relevant to you. I also believe that this book is useful both to individuals new to model-based process improvement and to those already experienced in achieving service excellence. For the newcomers, it gives details on starting the journey and connects to real-life case studies. Service experts can draw on specific experiences and examples to consider how to enhance their practice using CMMI-SVC as a tool and best practice collection for further improvements. Have fun reading this book and good luck with your process improvement!“

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